How to overcome panic attacks

How To Overcome Panic Attacks

Panic attacks cause a debilitating loss of perspective and folks struggle to even begin to cope. It’s important to know that attacks only last 15 minutes or less.

How anxiety affects the body

How Anxiety Affects The Body

Anxiety can be overcome, as can health conditions that are caused or exacerbated by it. In recovery it’s important to check in with your body whenever you’re not sure how you’re feeling.

Freeing Ourselves from the Past

Freeing Ourselves From The Past

Despite the millions of changes that occur in the course of recovery; the last thing we change are our expectations. No matter how good things become we expect the most painful parts of our past to recur in some life-long pattern of déjà vu.

Overcoming Anxiety (Coping Strategies)

Overcoming Anxiety (Coping Strategies)

Learning to cope with anxiety through specific coping strategies allows us to improve our holistic health and reduce our use of unhealthy distractions.

Taking Care of the Inner Child

Taking Care Of The Inner Child

As cliched as the inner child concept is, it’s incredibly useful. It’s what Freud called our “id” – the part of us that feels, wants, and needs. Freud said that every decision and action we make is a result of conflict between our Id and our Superego.