Brutal Honesty About Recovery

It’s a rare person that will give you their truth (more than simply an opinion) in no uncertain terms. I’ve learned that the best service I can provide to people like me is to point out self-deception (denial, rationalizations, justifications and minimizations). I don’t profess that my truth is THE

Jim LaPierre

Safety is key to recovery

Addiction is most often rooted in surviving trauma. For millions of us, seeking recovery is, therefore, a two-fold pursuit. Developing skills and resources that increase a sense of personal safety are vital to the pursuit of addiction recovery. The traumas of childhood abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault often leave

Jim LaPierre

How to believe in yourself

My clients often share with me, “I’ve never felt good enough”. Whenever I hear this I immediately ask, “For who?” This is met with either a blank look or a long list. Either way, it goes back to childhood. While we cannot change our past, we must consider how lessons

Jim LaPierre

Chasing the dragon

 To say that people abuse drugs/alcohol is absurd. Drugs/alcohol are inanimate objects. People and animals get abused, not objects. Addicts and alcoholics are most often those of us who found a place to hide that felt safe and liberating. Staying in that place leads to our inevitable bondage and Logo

Am I an alcoholic?

Alcohol is entrenched and celebrated in our society. It is expected that adults drink in most social situations. It’s normative for people to use alcohol as a way to relieve stress and have fun. Social norms dictate that all we need to do when drinking causes us problems is to