Alcohol, Zoom, and the Pandemic

Alcohol, Zoom, And The Pandemic

“While I’m in a meeting, my disease is outside doing pushups.” We know this is true – we also know that the disease is not “out there” it’s inside of us and seeking to undermine us at all times.

Beyond Relapse Prevention: Trauma Recovery

Beyond Relapse Prevention: Trauma Recovery

Amongst those who do escape the perils of addiction, other demons remain. Rarely have I met a person in recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) who did not have a great deal of repressed trauma, a wealth of unresolved grief and loss, and underlying mental illness.

Relapse prevention made simple

Anyone who stops drinking or drugging, no matter who they are or how determined they are, experiences times in their recovery when the cravings to use or drink are overwhelming. A high percentage will relapse during these periods. We’ll take a drink, or ten. We’ll resume using with the lie…