Stop Sabotaging Love!

Stop Sabotaging Love!

Childhood abuse and neglect, adolescent and young adult trauma, it all adds up in layers like sediment that can’t be permeated.

Coming Back from Burnout

Coming Back From Burnout

Burnout is generally understood as doing too much for too long. I’ve come to see that it’s never what I do that burns me out. It’s what I don’t do: self-care, coping, letting go, fulfilling responsibilities to myself, relaxation, fun, and most of all, seeking reciprocity in my relationships.

Taking Care of the Inner Child

Taking Care Of The Inner Child

As cliched as the inner child concept is, it’s incredibly useful. It’s what Freud called our “id” – the part of us that feels, wants, and needs. Freud said that every decision and action we make is a result of conflict between our Id and our Superego.