28-Days Addiction Recovery From Home

A secure and convenient online recovery program for everyone, everywhere, at any time.

  • Sober in 4 weeks, or your money back!*
  • Includes long-term coaching

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What you will get

Online coaching

Free online support groups for members, plus 1-to-1 coaching sessions anytime, with our professional sober coaches.*

* 1 free meetup per week. Individual coaching for $90 p/ hour.

Unlimited access

Full access to our exclusive members-only content, live streaming, and recovery material.

Daily check-in

Receive a daily video and audio message from veteran addictions counselor Jim LaPierre, LCSW, CCS.

Course Bundle

Included video course

Jim LaPierre’s 28-Day Addiction Recovery Program


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Benefits of home recovery

You were able to take the steps that brought you here. That’s proof you’re not too far gone to get better. Let’s do this! Here are some of the benefits that an online program can give you.


Just $99 for the base course, 28 days, with daily videos, activities, and downloads. You can add individual coaching anytime, starting from $50 for 30 minutes.


Protecting your anonymity is of the utmost importance to us. Nobody will know you are in rehab for addiction.


Rehab that works wherever you are, whatever you are doing – all you need is access to the internet.


Minimal disruptions from daily commitments, no time-out. Don’t worry about absence from work, family, or pets.


Treatment is just a click away. Recovery has never been easier. Simply sign up and start your journey to recovery today.


We provide a full assessment to get you started on our therapist-led program. From start to finish you are in great hands.

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Frequently asked questions

What is SoberNow?

SoberNow is a community of people who passionately facilitate recovery from addiction. We are an eclectic group of coaches, allies, and experts committed to creating solutions that meet the unique needs of those we serve.

SoberNow serves those who for a myriad of reasons, find traditional approaches to treatment to be ineffective, inconvenient, and/or too expensive.

Our online programs offer an immersive recovery experience that is affordable, convenient, and confidential. SoberNow produces its programs directly with its creators and contents are 100% exclusive. All programs are created by experienced therapists.

Participants are welcome to book additional coaching sessions with our hand-picked coaches for more in-depth recovery work.

How does online video coaching work?

Online coaching is easy. To meet with one of our coaches in our video meeting rooms, you don’t need to download any software. Instead, you directly head over to a URL in your browser when it’s time for your appointment. We email you the URL when you schedule your session.

Sessions need to be booked at least 12 hours in advance, using our website. To change or cancel a booking, we require 24 hours notice. Appointments scheduled at short notice, therefore, incur a charge when canceled.

To schedule one or more sessions, follow this link to our online coaching calendar: https://www.sobernow.com/coaching

Select any of the available time slots that are convenient for you.

Upon completion of your booking, we send you a confirmation including a link to the video meeting room.

Does SoberNow offer addiction treatment?

We are addressing people who are contemplating a change in either reducing or eliminating their use of drugs and/or alcohol. We are not providing treatment – rather, trying to get folks to explore their options of pursuing treatment locally (not with us) or to go to 12-step groups or to pursue programs like SMART Recovery, or to seek support from their religious community, family, or other healthy options.

SoberNow’s goal is to help folks meaningfully take stock of their lives and make a choice about what to do next.

Our online recovery program is broken down into 28 lessons in written and video format.

We do not offer medical advice of any kind, though we do encourage folks to see their doctor.

Instead, we offer the kind of guidance that 12 step groups offer – the need for clear goals, personal accountability, and support. We also discuss the impact of denial on one’s choices.

Our hope is that our users will read encouraging messages that are geared toward spiritual growth and pursuing a higher quality of life.

Online coaching is easy. To meet with one of our coaches in our video meeting rooms, you don’t need to download any software. Instead, you directly head over to a URL in your browser when it’s time for your appointment. We email you the URL when you schedule your session.

What payment options are available?

You can pay for your subscription using a credit card, or even more conveniently by Paypal link.

For anonymous payments, we recommend purchasing a prepaid gift card/ credit card online or at your favorite store (Wal Mart, Target, grocery, and drug stores). These cards provide no personal information and will further safeguard your identity.SoberNow.com transactions are secure.

Our processing is provided by Stripe. Your card information never touches our servers – only the PCI-compliant servers of Stripe.

Please note SoberNow.com is operated by a UK-based company, ‘Choose Help LTD‘. In rare cases, this means that some US-based card providers may flag the transaction. You can either let them know the transaction is legit or alternatively, you can use our Paypal payment option instead.

Do you need to know any identifiable information about me?

No. You are free to share your Last Name or Phone Number with us, but it is entirely up to you. If you don’t want to share your Last Name, simply enter an initial or fantasy name during Signup or later in your Account Settings.

More questions?

Contact me at [email protected] or call our helpline 855-808-5200 now.