SoberNow is a membership site for the global recovery community. It is organized by a group of people who passionately facilitate recovery from addiction.

We are an eclectic group of coaches, allies, and experts committed to creating solutions that meet the unique needs of those we serve, including members who for a myriad of reasons find traditional approaches to recovery to be ineffective, inconvenient, and/or unaffordable.

Our online programs offer an immersive recovery experience which is affordable, convenient and confidential. SoberNow produces its programs directly with their creators and contents are 100% exclusive. All programs are created by experienced therapists.

We frequently organize video group sessions and online events for members. Participants are welcome to book additional 1:1 sessions with our hand-picked coaches for more in-depth recovery work.

Introducing Our Core 28-Day Recovery Program

When you first join us, we invite you to take our core video course, to offer you a solid foundation for your recovery. Watch Jim LaPierre below as he introduces the program he created.

Jim LaPierre Introduces His 28-Day Online Recovery Program

Check out our FAQ for more information, and please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.