How to Stop Hating the Holidays

How To Stop Hating The Holidays

The holidays are once again upon us. It’s time to dread upcoming visits with family members, bemoan our financial insecurity, and look forward to the coming New Year with unbridled panic: ‘Tis the season to be incredibly stressed out. It’s Sad not S.A.D. Depending on your geography, this is

The Fear of Commitments (to Ourselves)

The Fear Of Commitments To Ourselves

We are people who fear making commitments to ourselves. We have been disappointed so often that we came to see it as acceptable to let ourselves down.

Overcoming the Fear of Step Four

Overcoming The Fear Of Step Four

There’s an adage my friends in AA use to describe the fear of transformation, “One, two, three… drink. One, two, three drink.” This is a reference to working steps 1-3 in recovery, only to return (often briefly) to drinking and using.

Beyond Relapse Prevention: Trauma Recovery

Beyond Relapse Prevention: Trauma Recovery

Amongst those who do escape the perils of addiction, other demons remain. Rarely have I met a person in recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) who did not have a great deal of repressed trauma, a wealth of unresolved grief and loss, and underlying mental illness.

The Mythology of Happiness

The Mythology Of Happiness

Happiness is more a state of being than it is an emotion. Gratitude and attitude are the keys. How lovely and disturbing to find that they’re both in our control. Here it comes – another opportunity to get out of our own way.

Better Than New Year’s Resolutions

Better Than New Year’s Resolutions

If we’re going to achieve better health and a higher quality of life this year, then we need to set some meaningful goals and ensure that we have the accountability we need to ensure our process earns us the results we seek.

Overcoming Self-Centeredness in Recovery

Overcoming Self-Centeredness

There’s a form of self-centeredness that isn’t intentionally selfish at all. The adage that applies is, “I’m not much, but I’m all I can think about.”

Can I Detox from Xanax at Home?

Xanax Home Detox

Most folks don’t realize that the two most dangerous substances in the world to withdraw from are benzodiazepines and alcohol. In this article, we offer the facts about detoxing from Xanax not as medical advice but rather as guidance.

Why Willingness Is Everything

Why Willingness Is Everything

I’ve learned over and over again that wanting it isn’t enough. Even needing it isn’t enough. It sounds a bit cold but I routinely ask people who are considering change, “What are you willing to do?”