“Sometimes things have to fall apart so that they can fall into place.”

On my good days, the only reason I make plans is to hear my Higher Power laugh. Given everything our country is experiencing right now and in the midst of overwhelming need for support in mental health and substance use disorder… I fell into the same old trap and made plans.

They’re failing in a truly stunning fashion.

“When all else fails, read the directions.”

When I surrender my will and the direction of my life, the Universe provides me with something far greater than what I thought I wanted. The Universe is both infinitely patient and wise. It knows that I’ll freak out if shown the whole vision of where we’re going, so it only gives me the next step of the journey.

Spiritual Growth in Recovery

I still don’t receive email from my Higher Power and so I need to ensure that I am connected to good people and open to the signs I’m shown. I know that in all of the adversity I’m experiencing currently that my life always hinges on an important choice:

Grow spiritually or be chronically overwhelmed.

The most effective strategies for spiritual growth aren’t new. Each movement and organization has built from what’s long been established.

The basis for all 12 step programs in the world is adaptations of what was developed by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. AA borrowed liberally from the Oxford Group. Both groups (and all that have developed since) place enormous importance on spiritual growth and service to others as the basis for transforming one’s life.

Transformation. Together.

The trick is to not be a one-way street.

If you’re anything like me, you do not struggle to give of yourself to others. You struggle to allow others to serve you. The vitality of this dynamic is perhaps greater than it’s ever been. Pandemics, epidemics, skyrocketing mental health challenges and huge increases in overdose and suicide over the past six months are proof that we need each other.

I’m tired of hearing about the “new normal.” I wasn’t trying to be normal pre-Covid and I don’t intend on starting now. The need for recovery is greater than it’s ever been. This is true of SUD, trauma, mental illness, and substance use disorder.

Transformation has to be the goal and spiritual growth is the key that unlocks it.