Overcoming the Fear of Reaching Out

Fear Of Reaching Out

In our next livestream, Jim explores common ways in which anxiety and insecurity are obstacles to recovery. Overcoming these requires mindfulness, action, and tons of accountability. Join us and get some tips for getting out of your own way.

Livestream: Recovery on our bad days

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Mom said there’d be days like these but she didn’t say there’d be so many of them. In our next LIVESTREAM, Jim shares techniques for MANAGING STRESS, emotions, and getting through our hard times without a drink or a drug.

Never Face Fear Alone

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Recovery is a lifelong process designed to promote health, manageability, and sustainability. Yet there are times when we have to do things we’re not ready to do because life circumstances demand it. Like a recovering heroin addict who has to take pain medication following a major surgery or having to take a job that isn’t conducive to your recovery because the bills must be paid.

How to Stay Cool When the World Is on Fire

Staying Cool When World Is On Fire

I want to know what sustains you when you’re overwhelmed? I hope you have lots of answers to that question and I hope that list includes some pretty stellar people. I am grateful for the folks my HP puts in my life. When I look at my support system, my ego would like to believe that I’m so clever that I went out and found these folks – but it’s just not true.

How to Stop Worrying

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If we’re going to overcome worrying; the first step is to differentiate it from concern. To be concerned is a healthy exercise of empathy and compassion. Worrying is waiting for the other shoe to drop and telling yourself you’ll feel relieved if it doesn’t and prepared if it does.