Livestream: Accepting Our Limitations

Accepting Our Limitations

In our next LIVESTREAM, Jim shares the need that many of us have to set boundaries with ourselves. Learning to RESPECT OUR LIMITS instead of constantly pushing them is contrary to our nature. Unhealthy expectations are the lock and self-awareness is the key.

Never Face Fear Alone

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Recovery is a lifelong process designed to promote health, manageability, and sustainability. Yet there are times when we have to do things we’re not ready to do because life circumstances demand it. Like a recovering heroin addict who has to take pain medication following a major surgery or having to take a job that isn’t conducive to your recovery because the bills must be paid.

Vulnerability Works Like This


I know that when I say things out loud; it makes them more real, which makes it harder for me to ignore them or stuff them away. Maybe it seems strange that I talk to myself, but when I do it only in my head, I risk being less than honest. When I say it out loud, I notice the ways in which I might be justifying, rationalizing, or minimizing.