Taoism and Recovery

Buddha Sculpture

One of the many joys of having an addictive personality is chronically doing too much. It’s way too easy for me – everything in my life is really great stuff. All of my problems are good problems. On mornings like this one, my head is spinning in an effort to gauge what it is I should be doing right now.

God Bombs

God Bombs

God speaks to me in lots of ways. The conversation with my friend today gave me pause to reflect on just how important the things I’ve been stressed about are. I know that all of my problems are good problems and still I sometimes try to run the show instead of letting my Higher Power be in control.

Doing Recovery Alone: The Hamster Wheel @ 100 MPH


One of the best (though sadly, true) statements I’ve ever heard about active addiction comes from the television series, Suits. “An addict will jump out of a third story window because they’re afraid of falling out of the penthouse.” Halfway between where you were and where you want to be is a scary place. Can’t …